Our Core Values

We Foster Innovation

Innovation is the cornerstone of the American Dream. Everyone can build the next best mousetrap. US Inventor’s vision is to help teach people that process as well as defending that ability on Capitol Hill.

We Help Achieve Excellence

US Inventor brings together the best and brightest innovators of today to help the best and brightest innovators of tomorrow. We teach, promote, and defend the invention process and business methods involved in developing an idea, making a profit, and changing lives.

The Importance of Strong Patents

Who We Are

Paul Morinville


Paul is an inventor with dozens of patents and pending applications. He is the Founder and CEO of OrgStructure, LLC, and an early stage enterprise middleware provider.

In 2013, changes in patent law stopped investment in his company, so Paul started walking the halls of Congress in Washington D.C. educating over 350 offices about the damage caused by patent reform to companies like his and inventors.

He founded US Inventor, a 501(c)4, which continues to work to end anti-inventor patent reforms and promotes strong patent rights for inventors.

Adrian Pelkus

Board Member

Adrian is the CEO and President of A Squared Technologies, Inc.,
a high-tech product development company he Co Founded in 1985.

Adrian Pelkus has helped inventors develop over 250 electronic products and is a named inventor on fourteen issued U.S. Patents including an Infant Simulator which won 1994 Fortune magazine’s Product of the Year and for a Thin Film solar cell US 6548751 B2.

He joined the US Inventor Board of Directors in 2016.

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