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The false #patent troll narrative, fueled by millions of corporate dollars, was intended to destroy the patent system for small #inventors and #startups so they can perpetuate their infringement

ICYMI: We are committed to continuously fighting knock-off companies like @TeleBrands who try to undercut #inventors and claim innovations as their own @BunchOBalloons

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US Inventor to President Trump: Eliminate the PTAB September 13, 2017 - US Inventor sent a letter to President Trump on September 12 alerting him to the crisis facing the U.S. patent system. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce released an alarming report Continue Reading

39 inventors file amicus brief in Oil States case August 31, 2017 - 39 U.S. patent owners, whose patent protections were overturned by the administrative Patent Trial and Appeal Board ("PTAB") of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, filed an amici curiae brief Continue Reading

BRIEF FOR AMICI CURIAE ALLIANCE OF INVENTOR GROUPS IN SUPPORT OF RECOGNICORP, LLC June 13, 2017 - US Inventor has signed onto a Amici Curiae Brief in support of Recognicorp, LLC. The Amici Curiae include individual inventors and small business owners, joined by various inventor associations having tens of thousands Continue Reading

Sign our Petition – State of the Patent System and Required Legislation April 13, 2017 - State of the Patent System and Required Legislation Our U.S. patent system no longer encourages investment in new technologies. Patents are now liabilities for inventors. Our USPTO discourages the creation Continue Reading

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